Pets in the city.

Having pets in the city can be particularly enjoyable for both you and your pets.
There are a number of things you need to consider when having pets in the city, like making the pets particularly cats because they are confined to your apartment, more comfortable in the city like purchasing a cat condo so the cats can look outside your window, but for dogs it’s taking them for more walks when in the city, and while you are outside with your dog why not go to a café that allows dogs to come in, while you are enjoying your cup of tea or your cappuccino. There is only one that is near Saint Laurent boulevard and it’s called Brandy’s. there is also a cafe that allows dogs, the cafe’s name is Lili and Oli, its on the intersection of notre-dame and charlevoix street.

When cats and dogs get loose in the city there is a number of things that the cats and dogs must contend with like street cars, raccoons, skunks, rats, and mice. These are most often will hurt your precious pets because the cars speed down the roads and are not able to stop in time to not hurt them.
Raccoons, skunks, mice and rats sometimes can carry diseases that are potentially harmful to your pets and sometimes fatal to our pets. That is why cats and dogs should see their vet’s very year and they should never be left alone outside.
Like making sure that you follow the city by-laws. There is a by-law in place in the surrounding areas of Montréal that says we must register our pets with the area we live in, like the licensing cats and dogs which that sometimes do not guarantee that your pets will be returned to you. One of my friends had that happen to her friend.
It will happen to everyone, but definitely have a look at the shelters for your pet if they go missing because the shelters are overwhelmed with the animals in the shelter.
There is a law that the Quebec government is planning to put in place that is called the “NO PETS CLAUSE” which the law allows landlords to penalize all pet owners who are looking for affordable rental housing, regardless of how their animals actually behave. This unfairly favors landlords’ rights over tenants’ rights. I have already signed the petition and think that everyone should be allowed to have their pets where they live.
There is already problem when looking for apartments because you might have a dog and 2 cats and it will only get worse if the Quebec government follows what the Ontario Government with their “NO PETS CLAUSE” law. It is something we hope will not pass, because there will be more homeless pets or that we would have to move back home or move to another part of Canada.
There is no word about the “NO PETS CLAUSE ”yet. I hope it did not happen!!

There is still a petition going on, which was found on the Montreal SPCA website, I urge you to please sign the petition to keep our pets where they belong, which is in the comfort of your arms and your home and off the streets.